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It's not simple to speak "correctly" about music; not in the past and not now. For us, born in the Sixties, music is always a "route", a road to new lands. We think it's not important the "landing place" but the route same and the players you meet. Isn't it? DATA RECORDS 93 is a company founded in Florence (Italy) in 1993, specialized in vinyl records.

Today we can visit old and dusty shelves in the record shops staying at home and surfing on Internet. We are there, in the virtual world and we give everybody the chance to look for the items you think you'd lost in our "dusty" vinyl catalogue or in our "not dusty" CD and DVD catalogue. We have built our website with the intention to improve our traditional customer care. In our catalogue you can find every kind of music, from Pop to Avantgarde, from Heavy Metal to Classic. We work with the care and the expertise we have from years and years of relations with our thousands of customers. Our target is to supply our customers with the right mix of quality, care and expertise. Our suggests come from our direct experience in the music world.

Today we can turn every website, like our, in a sort of little radio station or in a multimedia network. You can download sound clips, chat with your unknown friends and so on. At the moment we stopped one step beneath: you can find neither sound clips nor chat line on our website but all you find on it is real. We give you the occasion to check it. How? It's simple: Please contact us or place an order on our website, you can check the high quality of our service and goods. Anyway if you think there is something to improve on our website and you know how to do it, please contact us.

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