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Boone, PatOriginals, vol. 1LP€ 15,49
Boone, PatSpeedy Gonzales /The Locket7€ 20,50
Boone, PatMerry Christmas (EP)7"€ 20,66
Boone, PatMai, Mai, Mai Valentina / E Fuori La Pioggia Cade7"€ 15,49
Boone, PatPat's Great Hits (EP)7"EP€ 26,00
Boone, PatLove Letters in the SandLP€ 12,91
Boone, PatCandy Sweet / Delia Gone7€ 10,33
Boone, PatSings The Hits Number 3 Ep Love Letters In The Sand/ Bernardine/Tutti Frutti/Just As Long As I'm With You7 ep€ 20,00
Boone, PatLove Letters In The Sand / April Love7"€ 15,49
Brown, LesMagic Atmospheres With Les BrownLP€ 7,75
CamilloSag Warum (EP)7"€ 10,33
Christie, TonyTony ChristieLP€ 15,49
Clark,PetulaIo Resto Qui/ Ma...7€ 26,00
Clark,PetulaKiss Me,Good-Bye /E' Stato Il Vento7€ 15,50
Clark,PetulaInvece No/ Non Mi Guardi Mai 15° Festival di Sanremo7€ 20,50
Clark,PetulaQuelli Che Hanno Un Cuore/ E' Finito Tutto7€ 15,00
Clark,PetulaMonsieur/Se Mi Vuoi Amare7€ 26,00
Clark,PetulaCiao Ciao/Se Te Ne Vai7€ 20,00
Clark,PetulaL'Amore E' Il Vento (My Love) / Un Giorno Mi Hai Sorriso7€ 36,00
Clark,PetulaHappy Heart / Love Is The Only Thing7€ 26,00
Clark,PetulaPagherai / La Frontiera7€ 20,50
Como, PerrySong Of Songs10"€ 20,66
Como, PerryDream Along With MeLP€ 20,66
Como, PerryComo's Golden Records10"€ 20,66
Crosby, BingThe Many Faces of Bing CrosbyLP€ 10,33
Crosby, BingThe Bing Crosby Story, vol. 12LP€ 20,66
Crosby, BingThe Jazzin' Bing CrosbyLP€ 7,75
Crosby, BingBing: A Musical Autobiography ( 5 LP)BoxLP€ 51,65
Davis Jr., SammyMood to be Wooe Ep: What is there to Say/ Shy Shouldn't I?/Bewitched/ I Could have Told You7 Ep€ 40,00
Davis Jr., SammyThe Many Faces Of Sammy Davis Jr.LP€ 20,66
Day, DorisThere's a rising moon/Till my love comes to Me/Hold me in your arms/You my Love (from Movie Young at Heart)7€ 31,00
Dietrich, MarleneThe Best Of Marlene DietrichLP€ 25,00
Dietrich, MarleneLili Marlen / Ich Bindie Fesche Lola7"€ 15,00
Fisher, EddieWhat's The Use Of Cryin/I Don't Hurt Anymore7€ 20,00
Four LadsEp: Skokiaan/Istamnbul/ Gilly,gilly ossenfeffer Katzenellen bogen by the Sea/ I should have told you long Ago7" Ep€ 26,00
Francis, ConnieC'è Una Cosa Che Non Sai / Forget Domani7'€ 20,66
Francis, ConnieDove Non So (Somewhere My Love from the movie "Dr. Zivago") / Dove Non So7€ 20,50
Francis, ConnieUn Volo Di Gabbiani / Just Say I Love Him (Dicitencello Vuie)7€ 15,49
Francis, ConnieCanta Ragazzina/Per Questa Notte7'€ 20,00
Francis, ConnieValentino / Robot Man7€ 10,33
Francis, ConnieHo Bisogno Di Vederti / Whose Heart Are You Breaking Tonight (no bag)7€ 10,33
Francis, ConnieLa Piu' Bella Notte Dell'Anno / Lili Marlen7€ 20,50
Francis, ConnieNessuno E' Solo / Grazie A Te 7€ 15,50
Francis, ConnieJealous Of You / Everybody's Somebody's Fool (no bag)7€ 15,50
Francis, ConnieViolino Tzigano/Dammi La Mano E Corri7€ 15,00
Grant, EarlSpotlight on Earl GrantLP€ 28,00
Grant, EarlAt Basin Street EastLP€ 28,00
Grant, EarlEarl GrantLP€ 28,00
Humperdinck, EngelbertFree As The Wind / My Friend The Wind7'€ 15,49
Humperdinck, EngelbertKings of HeartsLP€ 7,75
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