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DetonazioneSorvegliare E Punire / Assenza Di Pensiero / Staticità Malata7€ 50,00
Di Giacomo,Gegè e il suo SestettoPor Dos Besos/Mustapha7€ 10,00
DiaframmaAltrove Ep Effetto Notte/ Pop Art(Part 1)/Pop Art(Part 2)/ Xaviera Hollander/ AltroveMINILP€ 20,00
Difference (The)IsLP€ 40,00
Dirty Kids50 SongsLP€ 26,00
Divisadero'sFrom The Ashes of The Loosers Ep Lost/The right way/New Buzz/ Out of me7 Ep€ 10,00
Do-poRhythm/Oxidization7€ 35,00
DyskinesiaDyskinesia CD€ 15,00
EazyconFear And Pleasure Retrospective 1980-1989Lp + Cd€ 22,00
Effervescent Elephants"16 Pages"LP€ 21,00
En Manque d'AutreFolk AcidoLP€ 12,91
Engel Der VernichtungL'Amour FouMINILP€ 50,00
EnvironsNo Man can find the War / Todavia Cantamos7'€ 15,50
Fax (The)LiveLP€ 18,00
FKGive It To Me / No Sense7€ 15,50
FlintstonesFlintstonesLP€ 20,50
Flux of FlusterIt's just a .....12€ 30,00
FMAngelusLP€ 40,00
Forbici di Manitù (Le)Let's Network Together / Vinyl Love Junkie 7€ 40,00
Frigidaire TangoThe CockLp + Cd€ 22,00
Frigidaire TangoThe Cock The Original Demo Tape 1980LP€ 22,00
FunhouseYour Rules,Not Mine/ Screamin'Eyes7€ 20,00
Ganzi (I)/ Riviera (I)I Ganzi:L'Altro Ieri/ I Riviera:Nessuno Ti Ama7€ 10,00
GarboCose Veloci/Stagione Vuota7'€ 10,00
GarboGenerazione/Moderni7€ 15,00
Garçon FatalFox On The Run /Tell Me7€ 15,50
Garçon FatalLove & PrideLP€ 25,00
GaznevadaBack To the Jungle Living in the Jungle/Western Boys, Eastern Girls7€ 18,00
GaznevadaSpecial Agent Man(Male Version) Special Agent Man(Rap Version)7€ 15,50
Gezz Zero GrupIo ti penso sempre/Sai che ore sono/Ladri7€ 15,50
Glomming GeekSoul without Stains /Great Western Machine7'€ 15,50
Glomming GeekDig a Hole in the SkyLP€ 18,00
Glomming GeekDog's HeadLP€ 18,00
Glomming GeekSoul Without Stains7€ 7,75
GrongeA Claudio Villa (Original Sound)LP€ 15,50
GrongeVota Gronge EP Karin B /Walter 12€ 15,50
Gronge / MoveGronge & MoveLP€ 50,00
HermitsTeenage Trash! Ep7 Ep€ 18,00
Hi-Fi-BrosPunto Amaro /Saba-U12€ 25,00
Hippy WolfbonesTake Me To The Mountain/ The Hippy song7€ 18,00
Hot RivieraToo Hot to Handle12€ 15,50
Joe Perrino & The MellowtonesJoe Perrino & The MellowtonesLP€ 22,00
KarnakWhen the Doors Are Closed/ Saqqara Lights/ Northern Tempest 7 Ep€ 26,00
Khan Chy's YawnSnapshotLp€ 20,00
KickstartLove Or Mistake EP: Never kiss anymore/I don't know/ Speaker's Smiles/In the City7€ 15,50
KickstartThat's all Right! Ep Everyday,Everynight/Vacation/ Someone Else/Always Believe 7 Ep€ 15,50
KickstartBocion Goes On Ep: Sweet sorrow/Lets fall Down/ Tropical Fashion/Plastic's mouth7€ 15,50
Killer KlownHey, Piccolina / Bo Mania7"€ 7,50
KimotaTossico TV / Commissario, No!7€ 15,50
Knot ToulouseThe Leaves are turning Blue/Blue Thoughts/I'll be there with you.7 Ep€ 20,50
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