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Boone, PatSingsLP€ 40,00
Brandwynne Orchestra, NatThe Smart Set Vol. Two (EP)7"€ 10,33
BrosI Quit / I Quit (Acid Drops) 7€ 5,16
BrosSilent Night / Cat Among The Pigeons7€ 5,16
BrosDrop The Boy / The Boy Is Dropped7€ 5,16
Brotherhood Of ManSave Your Kisses For Me / Let's Love Together 1° Eurofestival 19767'€ 10,50
Brotherhood Of ManMiddle Of The Night / White Summer's Gone7'€ 10,50
Brown's, Al TunetoppersThe Madison/Mo'Madison7€ 10,50
Calvert, EddieMorgen/Gillie/Jealousy/Sincerely7 Ep€ 15,00
Calvert, EddieFarewell My Love/Gabbie7€ 10,00
Calvert, EddieL'Amore E' Una Cosa Meravigliosa (Love Is A Many Splendored Thing)/Stranger In Paradise 7€ 10,00
Calvert, EddieTrumpet Twist/A Majority Of One7€ 10,00
Camillo's Tony BazukaDynomite Part I/Part II7€ 10,00
CarraraShine On Dance / Last Emotion7€ 5,00
CerroneLove In C Minor/Black Is Black 7€ 10,00
CerroneRocket In The Pocket/Music of Life7€ 10,00
CerroneCall me Tonight/Rocket In The Pocket7€ 10,00
Chacksfield & His Orchestra, FrankMediterranean Moonlight Number 1 (EP)7"€ 10,33
ChangeParadise/Your Move7€ 10,00
ChangeChange of Heart/True Love7€ 10,00
ChangeMiraclesLp€ 25,00
Charles,TinaI Love To Love/Disco Fever7€ 10,00
Charles,TinaYou Set My Heart On Fire/ Fire(Instrumental)7'€ 10,00
Charleston ChasersCharleston Baby (EP)7€ 10,33
Charo and The Salsoul OrchestraCuchi-CuchiLp€ 15,00
Clifford,LindaLet Me be Your Woman2 Lp€ 28,00
Clifford,LindaIf My Friends Could See Me NowLp€ 20,00
Cock RobinWhen Your Heart Is Weak / Because It Keeps On Working7€ 5,16
Cole ,Nat KingSt.Louis Blues EP Part 2 Chantez Les Bas/Friendless Blues/ Morning Star/Memphis Blues7 Ep€ 20,00
Cole ,Nat KingSings For YouLp€ 30,00
Cole ,Nat KingWelcome To The ClubLp€ 20,00
Cole ,Nat KingSings The BluesLp€ 25,00
Cole ,Nat KingSings Ep If I Give my Heart to You/Hold My Hand/Papa Loves Mambo/Teach Me Tonight7 Ep€ 20,00
Cole ,Nat KingMore Cole EspanolLp€ 25,00
Cole ,Nat KingCole EspanolLp€ 26,00
Cole, Nat KingNon Dimenticar/Bend A Little My Way7€ 10,00
Como, PerryComo's Golden RecordsLP€ 20,66
Como, PerryPerry Como In ItalyLP€ 70,00
Conniff, RayIl Picchio/Someone7€ 10,00
Conniff, RayBesame Mucho/The Way You Look Tonight7€ 10,00
Conniff, RayMack The Knife/An Improvisation On Liszt's "Liebestraum"7€ 10,00
Creatures (The)Just in the Name of Love/Solar Eclipse7€ 15,00
Creatures (The)Expansion L'Altro Mondo StudiosLp€ 40,00
CubePrince Of The Moment/ Why Men Go Insane7€ 7,50
CubePerformance/Performance (instrum. Version)7€ 7,50
D.C.LaRueThe Tea DanceLp€ 25,00
D.C.LaRueConfessionsLp€ 25,00
D.D. SoundHootchie Cootchie (Huci-Cuci)/ Hootchie Cootchie (Huci-Cuci) (instrumental) 7€ 10,00
D.D. Sound1,2,3,4,Gimme Some More/We Like It7€ 15,00
D.D. SoundCafè (Short Version)/She's Not a Disco Lady7€ 10,00
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