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Animal Crackers / WhippedAnimal Crackers / Whipped Split: Exploding reggae Song/Charlies Theme (Thoughts of Abc no Rio)/ Jessie's Grind/Friends I Don't Like/Deep7'€ 15,50
Anti-PastiCaution In The WindLP€ 25,00
AntidoteReturn 2 BurnLP€ 20,00
AntietamBurgooLP€ 15,50
AntietamEverywhere OutsideLP€ 15,50
ApostatesBurning world of Hate/For your country/Grow up in a puff of Smoke7'€ 15,50
Arm The InsaneRememberLP€ 15,50
Armchair MartianBarely Passing / I'm Not Ready7€ 15,50
Assassins Of GodNo Music Tonight/Pink Song7'€ 15,00
AssholesRevenge of the Kunk-Fu Punks! Ep Wrath of the Iron Fist: Punk rock star (Sex Pistols suck!)/Rocky Horror/We don't give a Fuck ! Lord Dragon's Revenge: The Undertakers/I Like pornography/I Hate Ska(Together with Punk)7€ 15,50
AswangIntro / Fegefeuer Der Eitelkeit /Die Macht Der Seelen7€ 15,50
AtilaInternational SandwichLP€ 26,00
Atlas ShruggedWe Don't Stand A Change/ Cryptic/Chicano u Turn/ Darkness7€ 15,00
Atlas ShruggedThe Last SeasonLP€ 15,50
Atlas Shrugged / New Days RisingSplit ep: Atlas Shrugged:Dreamking / Atlas Shrugged:Rainmaker/ New Day Rising:T.V.Dinners 7" EP€ 15,50
AtroxBuon Natale Ep: Sporco Natal/Orme Perdute/ Anima ribelle/Finiranno i simboli7" Ep€ 15,50
AttakZombiesLP€ 18,00
AutomaticsKaraoke Party! EP: Tokyo/Pure & Beautiful Love/I don't wanna be Learned 7" Ep€ 15,50
Automatics/ Stinking Polecatssplit Ep: Automatics:You're an Idiot/Drippy the Fly/Snail Boy/ Stinking Polecats:Lucy's on therapy /Hippie Girl7" Ep€ 15,50
AutonomyA Faction of Mercy Ep :Hate Crime Update / Abolish Aparthed / Poverty & Death / Bomb Threat / Senseless Fun / Stop Them (EP)7€ 15,50
AvengersZero Hour June 13 1979 LP€ 18,00
Avengers (USA - Punk)AvengersLP€ 22,00
AwareNew Lease On LifeLP€ 18,00
B'zrkerThats What You Get Ep Inseparable/Walking Dead7€ 15,50
Baby GopalFearlessLP€ 22,00
BacklashInsideLp € 15,00
Bad BrainsLive!LP€ 25,00
Bad Dress SenseGoddbye...It Was FunLP€ 15,50
Bad ReligionBroken / Shattered Faith7€ 10,50
Bad ReligionThe Dissent of ManLP + Cd€ 30,00
Bad ReligionThe Empire Strikes FirstLP€ 24,00
Bad TripPositively Bad Ep7€ 15,50
Bad YodelersI Wonder...LP€ 20,50
BambixTo Call A Spade A Spade ep7€ 10,50
Banda Di TirofissoGrazie A Voi / ...Dove Ho Messo Il Passamontagna7'€ 7,50
BanesThe Quickest Way to a Man's Heart Is Straight Through His Chest/Raping and Pillaging / Jesusbanes 7€ 15,00
Barbed Wire TempleBarbed Wire Temple /We don't need/Bad Dream7€ 10,50
BargoyleHappy Ending /Ignorance & Apathy7€ 15,50
Barney Love TapesYou Don't Monitor the Rooms,Do You ?/A Date with Inxs7'€ 10,50
Bart's RevengeStraight From Your Mind Ep7€ 10,50
BasuraNo Seas Lesbiana Mi Amor/ Esperando En La Puerta Del Wc.7€ 10,00
Batman PukeLiving In Fear ep7€ 10,50
BeatsteaksLiving TargetsLP€ 15,50
BenchwarmerPud Ep: Highchair/Weirdo/Bigot7€ 15,50
BierpatriotenDie Russen Kommen/Hausverbot/ Zusammenhalt7€ 20,00
Big Drill CarSmall Block EpLP€ 15,50
Big EdBottle Fed Ep: Emanuel Labor/ Cut it Off/Second Cousin/Gridlock7€ 15,50
Billy Karloff & The ExtremesLet Your Fingers Do The TalkingLp€ 25,00
Bimbo ShrineheadsA Rape Poem/Implosion/ How to get fucked up the ass with a flag and smile and be really happy and grateful/Fig and Rita7€ 15,50
Black FlagWhat The....Lp€ 28,00
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