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Street TroopersStreets of Montreal Ep On The Streets Of Montreal/ I Choose/The War/ Don't Let Them Win 7€ 10,00
Stress MagnetsLinsday / Kendall Fell Asleep In The Corn7€ 15,50
StretfordTarget:EP What more could I ask for? /Standing in front of the Target/It's over Now7" Ep€ 15,50
Striped BasstardsLessons Learned Ep: Pictures Conventional Man/ Lessons Learned/Sacrifice not a Suicide/Garind Song7" Ep€ 7,50
StuntplasticparkMy bottom/Painted walls/Rave/ Perverts into the bathroom/ Guilty to Dare/Television fuckin' Dealers7" Ep€ 10,50
SubhumansWorlds ApartLp€ 40,00
SubhumansFrom the cradle to the GraveLp€ 22,00
SubjugatedUp The Punx! Ep7" Ep€ 15,50
Submachine / Blanks 77Shooting Blanks split EP: Submachine:Police Attack /Fuck Em' All Blanks 77:Corruption / Drugstore 7" Ep€ 15,50
Substandard / NervesSplit Ep: Substandard:Rostock/ Discount/Two nations-Panic stations Nerves:Bits/Mansize/Sussed?7" Ep€ 15,50
Subtle TurnhipsQuack Quack Baby Quack Quack/ Where have all the surf boys Gone7€ 15,50
Summer Day In JuneEP: Supernatural Trace/I Took The Earth/Another Prey Than Me No Solution/My Life Is Not So Hard 7€ 15,50
Sumo/EdSumo:Non Sono In Competizione Con Te/Letargo/La Notte Ed :Continuo A Cadere/ Thrash Skateboard Youth/ Cokes And Snickers/ Davanti A Nessuno/ Un'Immagine Fissa7 Ep€ 10,00
Sunshine/Juliasplit :Sunshine:Astrallove Julia:C.o.u.r.l.a.s.t.s.o.n.g.7€ 15,50
SunspringPoppyLP€ 18,00
Superball 63LoadstarLP€ 15,50
SuperfanFuck You Ep: I've got my eyes on you/What Do you want?/Punk rock/ Fuck you/Fix me/The Others7" Ep€ 15,50
SuperfanOut of Style EP:Shoplifter/ Heartattack/Stay at Home/ Since You've Been Gone/Push it/ Out of Style7" Ep€ 15,50
Surrogate BrainsSurrogate Serenades Ep: Super Spectacular Day/You/Tide on my Soiled Genes/If the things they say are true/Downtown/ America,the machine7€ 26,00
SwaArroyo (Short Version)/ Arroyo (Long Version)12'€ 10,50
SwaVolumeLP€ 15,50
SwampsurfersA World Of Moulded Pulp ProductsLP € 25,00
SwoonsB Abba llgum EP: S.o.s./Super Trouper/Does your mother Know/ I Knowing me knowing You7€ 15,50
SwoonsParty Time Lover/Marvellous/ We're Through/Oh.Baby7" Ep€ 15,50
SystralMaximum Entertainment EP: For What/Decide for Yourself/ Desaster Chronicles /Your Words To Be Adored/Environment Burns/ Do You Still Like It/ Past Mistakes /Maximum Entertainment/Vision 7" Ep€ 20,50
T.s.o.l.Live '91Lp € 26,00
T.s.o.l.Man And Machine/Peace Thru' Power7€ 15,00
TearwaterDistain/Colossus7€ 15,50
Teen DogsEP: Let's do it Tonight/You Know/ Shot Down/A Lot to Show7€ 15,50
Tempo Zero / AlcatrazSplit ep : Tempo Zero:Cammelli/ Dentro il gioco/ Alcatraz:Bien loin d'ici/La veritè7" Ep€ 7,50
Temporal SlutsBroken Inside: My sweet Doll/ Probably Normal7''€ 15,50
Ten Days LateGo With the Flow:Getaway / Death Reggae7€ 15,50
Ten Days LateOut Of Tune / Helicopter Head7€ 15,50
Ten Foot PoleInsiderLP€ 18,00
Terrorgruppe / Mars MolesSplit ep: Terrorgruppen:Opa/ Wieso ist sie mir abgehauen?/ As tears go By/ Mars Moles:Stupid songs/Ihr seid kaputt!/Autokatze 7" Ep€ 15,50
Thatcher On AcidChagrin Ep: As Clear as Mud/ Skin Banjo (Live)/The Bus7" Ep€ 10,50
Thatcher On AcidFrank Jr.:Ep Can we Laugh Now? / Function Status/Clockwatching7" Ep€ 10,50
Thin White LineEnough Is Enough Ep We're Not Animals/ Under The Blades Of Love/ Balancing Acts/ I Just Want To Get My Feet Back On The Ground 7€ 12,00
Third LegPhurlyLP€ 18,00
ThirstyGetting Along Togheter....Ep: Linus and Me/Psychology Girl/ If you were my Girl/ She's got a boyfriend/Kelly's so cool/Leading me on7€ 15,50
This Side Up / White FrogsSplit EP:This Side Up:Changes/ My Life White Frogs:Our Friendly/ Respect/U'R the Government7" Ep€ 10,50
This Word RejectedEp: M.o.i./The Dogs Bark/ This World Rejected7€ 15,50
Thompson RolletsThompson RolletsLp€ 15,50
Thompson Rollets / Burning HeadsSplit Ep Thompson Rollets:Gotta Get Away / Burning Heads: Something Has Change Today 7€ 15,50
Those Who Survived the Plague/Trummer Sind Steine Der HoffnungThose Who Survived the Plague/Trummer Sind Steine Der Hoffnung:Split7€ 15,50
ThreatsWastedLP€ 25,00
Three Chord WonderCare /Wonderland/Ocean7€ 15,50
Three Legged DogLoadedLP€ 18,00
Thumper Inc.Hooray For What? EP:Dordessa Kye/Senseless /Saucy Jack / Grow Up 7'€ 15,50
TiltwheelBattle Hymns for the recluse YouthLP€ 22,00
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