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Pickett, WilsonDeborah/Down By The Sea "XVIII Festival di Sanremo"7'€ 15,00
Pickett, WilsonA Funky SituationLp€ 22,00
Pickett, WilsonMaster Of SoulLp€ 30,00
Pickett, WilsonAmerican Soul ManLP€ 30,00
Platinum HookIt's TimeLp€ 25,00
Pointer SistersContactLP€ 15,50
Pointer SistersHe's So Shy/Movin'On7'€ 10,00
Pointer SistersSo Excited!LP€ 20,00
Pointer SistersBlack & WhiteLp€ 20,00
Pointer SistersBe There/Be There (Dub Version) from original soundtrack "Beverly Hills Cop II"7€ 10,00
Pointer SistersContactLp€ 20,00
Pointer SistersSerious Slammin'LP€ 20,00
Pointer SistersSpecial ThingsLP€ 20,00
Pointer SistersSlow Hand/Holdin' Out For Love7'€ 10,00
Pointer SistersHow Long (Betcha'got a chick on the side)/Easy Days7€ 10,00
Pointer SistersLive at the Opera House2 Lp€ 35,00
Pointer SistersNeutron Dance/I'm So Excited7'€ 10,00
Pointer SistersRight RhythmLP€ 20,00
Pointer SistersHot TogetherLP€ 20,00
Pointer, BonnieBonnie PointerLP€ 20,00
Pointer, BonnieI Can't Help Myself / I Wanna Make It (no bag)7'€ 10,00
Preston,BillyYou Can't Keep A Good Man DownLp€ 20,00
Preston,BillySpace Race/We're Gonna Make It7'€ 15,00
Preston,Billy & SyreetaOne More Time for Love/ Dance For me Children7€ 10,00
Preston,Billy & SyreetaWith You I'm Born Again/ Sock-it,Rocket7€ 15,00
Price,Lloyd16 Greatest HitsLp€ 20,00
Prime TimeFlying HighLp€ 20,00
Queen SamanthaThe Letter/Don't stop I feel Good7€ 10,00
Rare EarthMidnight Lady/Wallking Schtick 7'€ 15,00
Rare EarthBorn To Wander/Here Comes The Night7'€ 15,00
Ray,Goodman & BrownRay,Goodman & BrownLP€ 20,00
RaydioRock On/You Can't Change That7€ 15,00
Real ThingThe Best OfLp€ 25,00
Real ThingCan You Feel the Force/Children of the Ghetto7€ 10,00
Real ThingYou To Me Are Everything/ Foot Tappin'7'€ 10,00
Redding, OtisOtis Redding and Little Joe CurtisLP€ 20,00
Reeves, MarthaMartha ReevesLp€ 26,00
Reeves, MarthaWild Night/My Man7€ 15,00
Reeves, Martha & the VandellasNowhere To Run/Forget Me Not7'€ 15,00
Richie, LionelCan't Slow DownLP€ 20,00
Richie, LionelDancing On The Ceiling/Love Will Find A Way7'€ 10,00
Richie, LionelSay You,Say Me/Can't Slow Down from Soundtrack "White Nights"7'€ 10,00
Ritchie FamilyGive Me A Break/Bad Reputation from original Soundtrack "Can't stop the Music"7'€ 10,00
Ritchie FamilyLife Is Music/Lady Luck7'€ 10,00
Ritchie FamilyBad ReputationLp€ 22,00
Ritchie FamilyLife is MusicLP€ 22,00
Ritchie FamilyBrazilLp € 20,00
Ritchie FamilyArabian NightsLP€ 22,00
Ritchie FamilyAmerican Generation/Music man7€ 10,00
Ritchie FamilyWhere are the Men?/Bad Reputation7€ 10,00
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