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Diddley, BoBo Diddley is a GunslingerLp€ 18,00
DionDionLP€ 26,00
EarlsRemember Me babyLP€ 35,00
Eddy, DuaneL'anello di Fuoco/Gidget Goes Hawaiian dalla colonna sonora "Ring of Fire"7€ 15,50
Eddy, Duane"Twang" A Country SongLP€ 62,00
Eddy, DuaneGirls! Girls! Girls!Lp € 20,50
Eddy, DuaneTwistin'n'TwanginLP€ 140,00
Eddy, Duane$1,000,000 Worth of TwangLP€ 35,00
Eddy, DuaneThe "Twangs" the "Thang"Lp € 20,50
Eddy,DuaneThe Best Of Duane EddyLP€ 15,50
Eddy,Duane66LP€ 35,00
Eddy,DuaneGuitar Man (Dance With The)/ Stretchin' Out7€ 15,00
Eddy,DuanePure GoldLp€ 40,00
Eddy,DuaneIl Nuovo Hully GullyLP€ 35,00
Eddy,DuaneDuane EddyLp€ 15,50
Everly BrothersThe Golden Hits of the Everly BrothersLP€ 20,50
Everly BrothersMemories are Made of ThisLP€ 15,50
Everly BrothersThe Exciting Everly BrothersLP€ 26,00
Everly BrothersEverly Brothers(They're off and rolling)LP€ 25,00
Everly BrothersCathy's ClownLp€ 20,50
Everly BrothersReunion Concert2 LP€ 28,00
Everly BrothersPure HarmonyLP€ 15,50
Everly BrothersThe Fabulous Style of the Everly BrothersLP€ 35,00
Everly Brothers(Til)I Kissed You/Oh,What a Feeling7€ 10,50
Everly BrothersThe Everly Brothers Collection2LP€ 26,00
Everly BrothersEb 84Lp€ 15,50
Fabulous ThunderbirdsButt Rockin'LP€ 15,50
Fabulous ThunderbirdsPortfolio2LP€ 28,00
Faith, AdamThe E.P. CollectionLP€ 20,50
Fats DominoFats is BackLp€ 26,00
Fats DominoLive in ConcertLp€ 25,00
Fats DominoMillion sellers By FatsLp€ 20,50
Fats DominoThe Fat ManLP€ 15,50
Fats DominoWhat's That You Got?/It's Never Too Late7€ 20,50
Fats DominoLet's PlayLp€ 20,50
Fats DominoFats Domino!LP€ 20,50
Fats DominoThe Fats Domino Collection 20 Greatest HitsLp€ 25,00
Fats DominoSleeping on the JobLp€ 20,50
Fats DominoWhen My Dreamboat Comes HomeLP€ 20,50
Fats DominoCooking with "Fats" ep: Love me/Don't you hear me calling you/It's you I love/ Valley of Tears7€ 26,00
Fats DominoMy Blue HeavenLp€ 30,00
Feathers,CharlieLiaison FieldLp€ 18,00
Fender,FreddyLet The Good Times RollLP€ 20,50
Fender,FreddyYour Cheatin' HeartLP€ 20,50
Fenton, Shane & The FentonesI'm a Moody GuyLP€ 26,00
Fields & The Fraternity Brothers, GilTopolino/Te,Solo Te7€ 15,50
Fleetwoods/Dubs/Fireflies/IslandersFleetwoods:Mr.Blue/ Dubs:Chapel of Dreams/ Fireflies:You were mine/ Islanders:Enchanted sea7" EP€ 30,00
Fontane SistersRock again LoveLp € 20,50
Four SaintsTra la la/ When/Lollipop/I Need You Ep7" Ep€ 26,00
Four SaintsAlone/Ev'ribody Likes to Cha Cha Cha/Venus/Baby Be Mine7 Ep€ 30,00
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