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Chris & CoseyTranceLP€ 18,00
Chris and CoseyExotikaLp€ 35,00
Chrystal Belle ScroddBelle de JourLP€ 100,00
CindytalkThe Wind Is StrongLP€ 20,66
Clail, Gary / On-u Sound SystemEscape (on the Mix)/ Escape (on the case Mix)/ Human nature (There's something wrong with me Mix)12'€ 10,50
Click ClickParty HateMINI LP€ 35,00
Click ClickSkripglow/The Sack/Rotor Babe12€ 26,00
Click ClickRorschach TestingLp€ 26,00
Click ClickYakutska /Change Of Plan 12€ 15,50
Climax Golden TwinsUntitled /Untitled7€ 26,00
Clock DVADigital SoundtracksLP€ 60,00
Clock DVAWhite Souls in Black SuitsLP€ 30,00
Clock DVATransitional VoicesLP€ 35,00
COHVox Tinnitus Ep:Chickenspin / Silence Is Golden / Their New Polka (Mit Ionna)/ Forty Six Things She Did Today 2 x 7"€ 26,00
Coil / Nine Inch NailsLP€ 30,00
ConemeltConfuse and Destroy2 LP€ 26,00
Connors,LorenThe Moon Last Night 12€ 25,00
ConsolidatedTool And Die (Version 1)/ Infomodities '92 (Instrumental Mix)/Tool And Die (Album Mix)12''€ 15,50
ConsolidatedBrutal Equation(12'Mix Vers.1)/ Brutal Equation (Edit)/ Brutal Equation (LP Mix)/ Brutal Equation (12'' Mix Version 2) 12'€ 10,50
ConsolidatedThe Myth of RockLP€ 20,50
ConsolidatedPlay More MusicLP€ 25,00
ConsolidatedConsolidated!MINI LP€ 18,00
Cook, Norman (Fatboy Slim) featuring LesterFor Spacious Lies/For Spacious Beats /The Invasion of the Estate Agents /For Spacious Ballad 12€ 10,50
CopernicusNothing ExistsLP€ 15,00
CranioclastA Con Cristal Ep Breakthrough/Beachcombers 12€ 60,00
Creatures Of The NightNo Tears 88 Ep: No Tears 88 ("Radio" Mix)/ No Tears 88 (Electronic Ghost Version)/ No Tears 88 (Bulb Guitar Overkill Mix)/ No Tears 88(Sheik Fawaz Club Mix)/No Tears 88 (Tearsapella) No Tears 88 (Victims of the Dub)12€ 15,50
CrowforceCrowforceLP€ 15,00
Cultivated BimboTunes from a High WireLP€ 22,00
Current 93Nature UnveiledLP€ 60,00
Current 93Like Swallowing Eclipse6 Lp Box set€ 90,00
Current 93Haunted Waves,Moving Graves Lp€ 25,00
Current 93The Courtyard /JerusalemMini-cd€ 150,00
Current 93Swastikas for NoddyLP€ 70,00
Current 93ImperiumLp € 70,00
Current 93She is dead and all fall Down God has three faces and Wood has no Name7€ 70,00
Current 93In Menstrual Night LP€ 50,00
Current 93How He Loved The Moon(Moonsongs for Jhonn Balance)2 LP€ 90,00
Current 93A Gothic Love Song 5:55 Moon: Page 209, Twenty Two Eighteen Now 12€ 50,00
Current 93 /Nurse with WoundFaith's Favourites Current 93 "Ballad of the Pale Girl" Nurse with Wound "Swamp rat"12€ 80,00
Current 93 /Nurse with WoundMusic for the Horse Hospitaldoppio CD€ 80,00
Current 93 /Sigillum STetragrammatonLP€ 50,00
Current 93 /Sol InvictusThe summer of Love7€ 80,00
D. SignBurning Cells/Brain Overload12'€ 10,50
D.H.S. (Dimensional Holofonic Sound)House of God2 x 12€ 22,00
Daft PunkDiscovery2 Lp € 40,00
Dark SunDreams of a Butterfly in a Capsule in the IceLP€ 18,00
Dax, DanielleBig Hollow Man / Muzzles7€ 15,50
Dax, DanielleWhere The Flies Are /Up In Arms /When I Was Young 12€ 18,00
Dax, DanielleWhite Knuckle Ride/Whistling for his Love/Cold Sweat12€ 15,50
Dax, DanielleWhere The Flies Are /When I Was Young7€ 15,50
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