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FarmRising Sun (Forza Mix)/ Rising Sun (Partizan Mix)/ Rising Sun (Transdub Mix)/ Smile 12'€ 10,50
FarmMind (Midnight Sun Mix)/ Stepping Stone (Matrix Remix)/ Mind (Contorted Face Mix)/ Over Again (Live Demo) 12'€ 10,50
Farrell, HankFacts Of A Wife /Cornwall,My Home Town7€ 15,50
FastbacksIn The Winter /Dream7€ 15,50
FastbacksZuckerLP€ 25,00
FastbacksThe Answer Is You Ep Impatience/What Ever Happened To?/Above the Sunrise/ My Letters 2 x 7€ 18,00
FateFateLp € 26,00
Fatina MansionsBlues For Ceausescu / 13th Century Boy/ On Suicide Bridge 12€ 15,50
Faubert, Shane (Cheepskates)KalkaraLP€ 28,00
FaucetRedwoods /Steel Belted Penis7€ 15,50
Fenton WeillsViva VillaLp€ 22,00
FeralChange You Leaving/Bridge/Away7€ 15,50
FerretsAre you all you're ever Thinking Of? /You Don't Know my Mind Anymore7€ 15,50
Fiction Factory(Feels Like) Heaven/Everyone but You7€ 10,50
Field MiceSeptember's Not So Far Away / Between Hello And Goodbye7€ 26,00
Fields of the NephilimBlue water/In every dream home a heartache (recorded live in studio)7€ 10,50
Fields of the nephilimPsychonaut/Celebrate(second seal)7€ 10,50
Fields Of The NephilimMoonchild (Second Seal) / Shiva Power/Vet For The Insane12€ 15,50
Fields Of The NephilimBurning The Fields Ep : Trees Come Down /Back In Gehenna /Darkçell/Laura 12€ 15,00
Fields Of The NephilimFrom the fire(extented version)/From the fire (radio edit)/Moonchild (live)10€ 10,00
Fields of the nephilimMoonchild (First seal)/Shiva7€ 10,50
Fields Of The NephilimLauraLP€ 50,00
Fields Of The NephilimMoonchild (Longevity) /Shiva / Moonchild (Unsealed) 12€ 15,50
Fields Of The NephilimBlue Water(Electrostatic)/ In every dream home a Heartache (recorded live in the studio)/ Blue Water (Hot wire)12'€ 15,50
Fields of The NephilimSumerland/Blue Water(Live)/ The Watchman (Live)/Phobia (live12€ 18,00
Fields Of The NephilimPower/Secrets/The Tower12€ 15,50
Fields of the NephilimSumerland/Phobia (Live)7€ 10,50
Fields Of The NephilimReturning To Gehenna EP: Power (New Version)/ Laura (New Version)/Secrets/ The Tower/ Returning To Gehenna (New Version) 12''€ 26,00
Fields Of The NephilimDawnrazor LP€ 20,00
Fields of the nephilimFor her light(One)/Submission (the Dub posture)7€ 15,50
Fields Of The NephilimSumerland(Dreamed Version)/ The Watchman (Live)12'€ 15,50
Fifty Seven WaltzMail order Freak 7 Singles Club Janet Margolin / Ensockulated7€ 15,50
FilipinosPeel Back The SkinLP€ 15,00
FilipinosThe Further Ep : Slow Ride (Sub tropical blues)/Electric Man/ Smack-on!/Taff Luck!7€ 15,50
FilipinosSummertimeMINILP€ 15,00
FilipinosDoo-Wadda-Doo-Wop!LP€ 15,50
Fine Young CannibalsBlue /Wade In The Water7€ 10,50
Fine Young CannibalsSuspicious Minds (U.S. Remix)/ Suspicious Minds(Shakedown Mix)/ Suspicious Minds (Live)/ Prick Up Your Ears 12'€ 10,50
Fine Young CannibalsSuspicious Minds /Prick Up Your Ears7€ 10,50
Fine Young CannibalsJohnny Come Home/Good Times And Bad 7€ 10,50
Fingerprintz"Distinguishing Marks"Lp€ 22,00
FingerprintzThe Very DabLp€ 26,00
Fire (Australia)...a frame of purple RosesLp€ 26,00
Fire EnginesBig Gold Dream/Sympathetic Anaesthetic7€ 10,00
Fire In The KitchenSimple English/Cold Rain and Snow7€ 15,50
Fire In The KitchenThe Fog /Inspector Marais7€ 15,50
Fire In The KitchenTheory Of EverythingLP€ 12,00
FireclownJunkie/Big Disease7€ 15,50
Fish Turned HumanTurkeys in China Ep The International/ Porky's Minion/Here Come The Nuns /24 Hour Shop 7€ 15,50
FishermenCan't You Stop/City Opera7€ 15,50
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