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HypnolovewheelAngel FoodLP€ 15,50
HypnolovewheelSpace MountainLP€ 15,50
HypnoticsHalf Man Half Boy /Nine Times/ Testimonial 12'€ 15,00
HystericsSongs About Snogging Ep Juliette/I Hate Girls / Corners And Edges/Cool Breeze12'€ 15,50
I Start CountingLose Him (Edit)/See How It Cuts7€ 10,00
I Start CountingMy Translucent Hands N° II/Small Consolation12'€ 10,00
I'll Show HarryFour songs by Ep Lizard /In from the Outback/Horse/Pusher7€ 15,50
I'm so HollowDreams to fill the Vacuum/ Distraction7€ 26,00
Ice BabiesSomeday Remember/Emma Sez/ Madeleine's Reign12'€ 15,00
IcehouseSidewalkLp€ 15,50
IcehousePrimitive ManLp € 15,50
IcehouseCrazy/Completely Gone7€ 10,00
IcehouseNo promises/The perfect crime7€ 10,00
IcehouseFlowersLp € 26,00
Icicle WorksWho Do You Want For Your Love? / Understanding Jane (live) / Should I Stay Or Should I Go (live)/Roadhouse Blues (live)12€ 10,00
Icicle WorksEvangeline /Everybody Loves To play The Fool7€ 10,00
Icicle WorksUnderstanding Jane /I Never saw my hometown'Til I Went Around The World7€ 10,00
Icicle WorksBirds Fly (Whisper to A Scream)/ In The Cauldron Of Love7€ 10,00
Icicle WorksBird Fly (Whisper to A Scream) / Reverie Girl7€ 10,00
Icicle WorksHere Comes Trouble /Starry Blue Eyed Wonder /For What It's Worth (live medley) /Rock And Roll (live)12€ 12,00
Icicle WorksRadio One Sessions - The Evening Show Ep ("Birds Fly") Whisper To A Scream/Lover's Day/ As The Dragon Fly Flies/ Lovehunt 12'€ 15,50
Icicle WorksWho Do You Want For Your Love ? /Understanding Jane (Live)7€ 10,00
Icicle WorksSeven Horses /Slingshot / Beggars Legacy /Goin'Back2 x 7€ 18,00
Icicle WorksLove Is A Wonderful Colour/ Waterline7€ 10,00
Icky BoyfriendsCuckoo/Drug War/King of Zeitgeist/Industrial Melanism7€ 15,50
Icky JoeyMarron Marron/Liberace/ Zara /I'll Love You There 7€ 10,00
Idles (The)AgrocultureLp€ 20,00
Idol, BillyCharmed LifeLP€ 25,00
Idol, BillyTo be a Lover/ All Summer single7€ 10,50
Idol, BillyCradle Of Love/311 Man7€ 10,50
Idol, BillyVital IdolLP€ 15,50
Idol, BillyBilly IdolLP € 25,00
Idol, BillyTo Be A Lover (Mother Of Mercy Mix)/To Be A Lover / All Summer Single 12€ 10,00
Idol, BillyWhiplash SmileLP€ 15,50
Idol, BillyCyberpunkLP€ 15,50
Idol,BillySweet Sixteen/Beyond Belief7€ 10,00
Igor's Night OffWe're having A Party!/the Other side7€ 18,00
Iguana FoundationOh Isn't It Great/It Ain't Me Babe7€ 15,50
IguanasHungry and HornyLP€ 15,50
IkWhen The Rivers Break 12 mix/ When The Rivers Break /Call me 12€ 15,50
Ikinger, PennyElectraLp€ 18,00
Imbruglia, NatalieSomething Better7€ 10,50
In EmbraceThis Brilliant Evening/ The Darkest Horse/ This Brilliant Evening (Instrumental) 12€ 15,50
In EmbraceThe Living Daylights/Blue Beach/ Make 7 Ep€ 15,50
In OneSour Yellow State/Flooding Water7€ 15,50
In The NurseryCompulsion/Libertaire12€ 15,00
In The NurseryL'EspritLp€ 26,00
In The NurseryTemper Ep Breach Birth / Joaquin/Arm Me Audacity/Butyrki 12'€ 25,00
In The NurserySenseLP€ 20,00
In The NurserySesudient/Archaic Torso/Blade/ Incidental Guilt12€ 15,50
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