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LudusBreaking The Rules/Little Girls7'€ 50,00
Lulu Kiss Me DeadThe Ultimate Solution / This Is Rock 'n' Roll This Is Heaven7€ 10,50
LunaSuperfreaky Memories / Neon Lights7€ 10,00
Lundvall, TorLeaves /Evening7€ 15,50
Lune (The)On the cutting room floorLp € 22,00
Lung LegThe Negative Delinquent Autopsy Ep7€ 10,50
LushFor Love/Starlust/Outdoor Miner/ Astronaut12€ 10,50
LushBlack Spring/Nothing Natural/ Fallin'in Love/God's Gift/ Monochrome12€ 10,50
LushBlack Spring/Nothing natural/ God's gift7€ 10,50
Lust O RamaThe In-Crowd E.P. I Want You/Hey Hey Hey/ Baby Baby/Don't Love Her 7€ 26,00
Luther-N-the B.B.B.'sYou're Making Me Cry/Turn my Head7€ 20,50
LydLids /Shopping For Girls7€ 15,50
Lynyrd's InnardsSissy Ep Si/Target7€ 10,50
Lynyrd's InnardsYour Ass Is Grass Ep Valentine's Day Massacre/ Beeba-Hewba/Jeremiad 7€ 10,50
Lynyrd's Innards / Larry BrrrdsSplit EP Lynyrd's Innards:Yar's Revenge / Safety Dance Larry Brrrds:Vampire Park/ Amtrak /Tekillya/13th Generation7 Ep€ 10,50
Lyon In WinterAs Winter FallsLP€ 22,00
LyresFor Hyre Aint'Goin'Nowhere / 100CC7€ 26,00
LyresSomeone Who'll Treat You Right Now /She Pays The Rent/ You've Been Wrong / I'll Try Anyway 12'€ 10,50
LyresLyres LyresLp€ 40,00
M-80'sYou've Been Told /What I'm After7€ 10,50
M-80'sSeeing Things/Split/Bad Girl7€ 10,50
M-AkGorLp€ 18,00
M/A/R/R/SPump Up The Volume/ Anitina (The First Time I See She Dance)12€ 26,00
M/A/R/R/SPump Up The Volume /Anitina (The First Time I See She Dance)7'€ 15,50
M/A/R/R/SPump Up The Volume (Remix)/ Anitina (The First Time I See She Dance) (Remix) 12€ 20,00
Mach Five OverdriveQuickee Mart/Coming After Me7€ 15,50
Mad Monster PartyUneasy Feeling / I Have Fun7€ 15,50
Mad SceneFalling Over,spilling Over EP People To Talk To/Paper Plane/ Falling Over /Spilling Over 7 Ep€ 10,50
Mad VioletsWorld Of...MINILP€ 10,50
Madden, AmyMinor Disturbances12€ 18,00
Madder RoseSwim (remix)/Liked you more/ (When you were High)/Z12'€ 15,50
Madder RosePanic On /One armed Bandit/ Mad dog (Where's Johnny Mix)10'€ 18,00
Made Out of BabiesCowardLp€ 18,00
MadhouseMecca / So Sad7€ 15,50
MadonnaLike A PrayerLP€ 25,00
Magic Mushroom BandPictures In My Mind/Squatter In The House/Eight Miles High 12'€ 13,00
Magic Mushroom BandSpaced OutCD€ 40,00
Magic SoapeatersRevolutionary Pop Dropouts Ep Never Wish Death To Anyone/ Here I Stand/Free To Be Stoned / Hope Boy, Hope Boy 7€ 15,50
Magnitude 3Melvin/Gloria7€ 15,00
Magnolia SiegeAll Washed Up/Some Kind Of Freak/Curtis Goes To Spain 12€ 15,50
MaharajasSomething Moody... & Groovy10€ 5,00
Maher Shalal Hash BazBlues du JourLp€ 22,00
Make UpSave YourselfLp€ 22,00
Make-UpEvery Baby Cries The Same Ep Hey! Orpheus/ Every Baby (Cries The Same)/ Grey Motorcycle/I Am If... 12€ 10,00
Make-UpSound VeriteLp€ 26,00
MakersStrippedLp € 22,00
Mama TickBreathe Out/Hatefest 7€ 12,00
Mambo TaxiDo You Always Dress Like That In Front Of Other People Boyfriends?/I Want To Marry A Serial Killer 7€ 10,50
Man Forever With Sō PercussionRyonenLP€ 25,00
Man klanBoys Of This Territory Ep Corroding Kiss/Fisherman/ Boys Of This Territory / Gayola Gay 12'€ 13,00
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