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Strange, RichardInternational Language/ God is Science12€ 10,00
Strange, Richard & The Engine RoomWealthy Man/The Portrait7€ 15,00
Strange, TommyWaiting On The Corner...Ep Waiting On The Corner/ Falling Away/Makes Sense Gray Skies 7 Ep€ 60,00
StrangemenThe StrangemenLP€ 18,00
Stranglers(The Gospel According To) The Men in BlackLP€ 20,00
StranglersAn Interview With J.J. BurnellLP € 20,00
StranglersFelineLP€ 25,00
StranglersAural SculptureLP€ 25,00
StranglersStrange Little Girl/Cruel Garden7€ 15,00
StranglersNice In Nice/Since You Went Away7'€ 15,00
StranglersThe RavenLP€ 25,00
StranglersIV (Rattus Norvegicus)LP€ 25,00
StranglersAll Alive and All Of The NightLP€ 26,00
StranglersLive (X Cert)Lp€ 30,00
Strawberry SmellPenelope Bloomington/Kangaroo In My Garden7€ 12,00
Strawberry StoryEasy Peazy Lemon Squeezy Ep Kissamatic Love Bubble/Gone Like Summer/Shame About Alice 7 Ep€ 20,00
Street BoysSome FolksLP€ 18,00
Streetwalkin' CheetahsGuitars,Guns & GoldLp€ 18,00
Stretchheads23 Skinner (Theme From Rhoda)/ Housewife Up Yer Fuckin Arse Music 12'€ 10,00
StretchheadsPish in Your SleazebagLp€ 18,00
StripminersStripminersLP€ 35,00
StripminersDivorce YourselfLP€ 15,00
StrobeMayaLP€ 30,00
Strummer, JoeEarthquake WeatherLP€ 60,00
Strummer, JoeGangsterville/Jewellers & Bums/ Passport To Detoit 7'€ 15,00
StumpThe Peel Sessions Ep Down On The Kitchen Table/ Orgasm Way/Grab Hands/ Buffalo 12€ 25,00
Stump WizardsOfficial Fan Club Record Release Too Young To Die/One Shot Down Under7€ 10,00
Stump WizardsOut of Pressure/Remember Me, I'm Gone7€ 10,00
Style CouncilWanted/The Cost Of Loving/ The Cost12€ 10,00
Style CouncilCome To Milton Keynes/ (When You) Call Me7€ 15,00
Style CouncilShout To The Top/The Piccadilly Trail/Ghosts of Dachau12'€ 15,00
Style CouncilIt Didn't Matter/All Year Round7€ 10,00
Style CouncilLong Hot Summer 89 Mix (Extended Version)/Everybody's on the Run (Versione One)/Everybody's on the Run (Versione Two)12€ 10,00
Style CouncilLong Hot Summer/ Le Dèpart7'€ 10,00
Style CouncilHave You Ever Had It Blue/ Mr.Cool's Dream from original soundtrack "Absolute Beginners" 7'€ 10,00
Style CouncilWanted/The Cost/The Cost Of Loving 7€ 10,00
Style CouncilA Paris Ep Long Hot Summer/ Party Chambers/The Paris Match/ Le Départ 12'€ 12,00
Style CouncilMoney-Go-Round/Headstart For Happiness /Mick's Up12€ 18,00
Style CouncilPromised Land (Longer Version)/ Promised Land (Pianopella Version)/Can You Still Love Me? (Dub)/ Can You Still Love Me? (Vocal) 12€ 10,00
Style CouncilShout To The Top/Ghosts Of Dachau7'€ 10,00
Style Council /Dee C.LeeThe Lodgers (Extended Mix)/ The Big Boss Groove/Move On Up/ Money-go-round/Soul Deep/ Strength of your Nature Medley/ You're the Best Thing12'€ 15,00
Style Council/ Brian FerryWalls come Tumbling Down!/ Slave to love12€ 40,00
Submarine ProphetsDive Ep The Girl I Used To Know/Finally You Let Me Know/ Pleasure Of Imagination/ You,The World & a Tennisball 12'€ 18,00
Subsonic BarfliesQuestions/Better/ My Baby Stole My Car 7€ 18,00
SubsonicsDie Bobby DieLp€ 20,00
Sudden AfternoonIndustry & Nature Ep New Age/ Apollo/Sea Of Life 12€ 12,00
Sudden AfternoonDancing ShadowsLP€ 18,00
Sudden AfternoonAcid Rain/Red Sun/ City Of Night Dreams/ Die Neue Ahnung 12€ 12,00
Sudden SwaySat'Day Mornin Episode Ep Barmy Army/Reverend Peter,Bio-Teacher/Only A Grebo/ Once In Every Weekend 12€ 10,00
Sudden Sway76 Kids ForeverLp€ 18,00
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