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Valley ForgeFrom Across The Sea Ep One One June/Pineapple/ All The Love In The World/ In Summertime 12'€ 50,00
Valley ForgeFit to Fall/Escape/Hope12'€ 50,00
Van Etten, SharonAre We ThereLp€ 28,00
Vanilla ChainsawsT.S. (Was It Really Me)/ Everything7€ 15,00
Vanilla ChainsawsLike You/Onslaught7€ 15,00
Vanilla TrainwreckSofa Livin'DreamazineLP€ 18,00
Vanilla WhoresVanilla Whores Ep What You Need/Christina/ Don't Want You Around/ Last Time Around/The Close7 Ep€ 15,00
Vanishing/SixteensSplit Ep Vanishing:Still lifes are Failing/Victim Card Sixteens:Synthetic Blends/This Knife12€ 12,00
Varnum's AmusementIn Between/Irish Heart/ Drunk In The Sun/Clearer7€ 12,00
Vayne, Stevie & The SlavesGuaranaLP€ 18,00
VaynesMr.Fixit/Cinderella/Midnight Gun12€ 20,00
VaynesVaynegloriousLP€ 18,00
VazDying To Meet YouLP€ 22,00
Veljanov, AlexanderSecrets of the Silver TongueLP€ 18,00
Velvet MonkeysRock The Nation/Why Don't We Do It In The Road?7€ 15,00
Velvette, LoretteEager Boy/Going Down South/ Frog and Peach7€ 10,00
Vendino PactIdentical Twins/Niagara7'€ 20,00
Venus Fly TrapEuropa Ep Morphine/Shadowplay/ World Turned Upside Down/ Rocket USA 12''€ 20,00
Venus Fly TrapAchilles Heel/Weep Hotel/ TV Falls From A Hotel Window12'€ 15,00
Venus Fly TrapRocket USA/Cloud 9/Opium War12''€ 12,00
Venus Fly TrapMarsLP€ 15,00
Venus In FursPlatonic Love & Other StoriesLP€ 50,00
Venus In FursAlmost...Ep Almost ... (Extended Mix)/ Almost ... (Part 2)/ Funhouse In Dub 12'€ 18,00
Verlaine, TomWords From The FrontLP€ 20,00
Verlaine, TomDreamtimeLP€ 20,00
VermonsterInstinctively InhumanLP€ 50,00
VertebraeI Can't/Holding7€ 10,00
VertigoNail HoleLP€ 25,00
VertigoVertigoLP€ 15,00
VertigoVentriloquistLP€ 25,00
VerveSlide Away/6 O'Clock7€ 25,00
Very ThingsThe Bushes Scream While My Daddy Prunes /Shearing Machine7€ 15,00
Very ThingsMessage From Disney Time/ Down The Final Flight/ Phillip's World Service/ Wall Of Fir 12'€ 15,00
Vicious CircleBarbed Wire SlidesLP€ 20,00
Victims Of The PestilenceA Common Purpose/In Outside/ (Another) Nowhere Girl12'€ 18,00
Victor BananaSplitLP€ 25,00
Victory at SeaMemories fadeLp € 22,00
Vietnam ChainBefore I Go(Female Version)/ Rock/Before I Go(Male Version)/ Southern Comfort12'€ 18,00
Vietnam ChainSusmoala BeatLP€ 25,00
Vietnam VeteransCatfish Eyes....And TalesLP€ 35,00
Vietnam VeteransThe Days Of Pearly SpencerLP€ 22,00
Vietnam VeteransCrawfish for the NotaryLp€ 35,00
VinelandArchetype/Unfriendly7€ 20,00
Violent Femmes3LP€ 25,00
Violent FemmesThe Blind Leading The NakedLP€ 22,00
Violent FemmesViolence in the StreetsLp€ 50,00
VipersCover to Cover Ep Psycho/All I Want/ I'm not like Everybody Else7€ 10,00
VipersOutta The Nest!Lp€ 40,00
Virgin DanceNo Disguise/Against the Tide7€ 10,00
Virgin PrunesPagan Lovesong (Vibeakimbo)/ Pagan Lovesong/Dave-Id Is Dead 12€ 30,00
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