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CrowsdellPopsick/Spy 567€ 10,00
CruelCandle On The Water/Tarba7€ 15,50
CrushWelcome To Fistville /I Couldn't Make It Over The Bridge Last Night7€ 15,50
Crush NovaIce Cream Cone /(I Love You) Moon Pie7€ 15,50
CruzadosCruzadosLP€ 26,00
CruzadosAfter DarkLP€ 20,50
Cry Before DawnThe Seed That's Been Sown (extended version) / Forlon Point /Back To Basics12€ 15,50
CrypticsYou're Evil/Back to Me/Ricordami7€ 18,00
Crystal SetWholly Holy /Hubble Bubble7€ 15,50
Crystal SetFrom Now OnLP€ 18,00
Crystal SetFrom Now On /Who Needs Who Now7€ 15,50
Crystal SetA Drop In The Ocean /She Counts Up The Days7€ 18,00
Crystal StillsNature NoirLP€ 25,00
Crystal TripApoplexy EP: Everybody's Going Down /Paris /Deep Stone / Misunderstand 12'€ 15,50
CuckoosThe Screever /Sea Of Anger / Whalesong 12€ 18,00
CudMagic (Farsley Mx)/Marjorie/ Magic (Stockport Mix)/Beyond Hair12'€ 15,50
Cud / Family CatCud:Remember What It Is That You Love / Family Cat:Strange Kind Of Love 7€ 15,50
CultFire Woman (L.A. Rock Mix)/ Fire Woman (N.Y.C. Rock Mix)12'€ 15,00
CultRessurection Joe(long version)/ Ressurection Joe(Hep cat mix long version)12€ 15,00
CultLoveLP€ 30,00
CultWild Flower/Love Trooper7€ 25,00
CultSonic TempleLP€ 18,00
CultGo West(Crazy Spinning Circles)/ Sea and Sky/Brothers Grimm12'€ 15,50
CultDreamtime LP€ 25,00
CultWild Hearted Son (Edit)/ Indian7'€ 15,50
Culture ClubMove Away /Sexuality7€ 10,50
Culture ClubThe War Song /La Cancion De Guerra7€ 10,50
Culture ClubThe Medal Song (Extended Mix)/ Don't go down that Street12'€ 10,50
Culture ClubKarma Chameleon /I'll Tumble 4 Ya12€ 10,50
Culture ClubGod thank you Woman/From Luxury to Heartache7€ 10,50
Culture ClubVictims/Colour By Numbers7€ 20,00
Culture ClubMiss Me Blind /Colour By Numbers7€ 10,00
Culture ClubChurch of the poison Mind /Shake7€ 10,50
Culture ClubFrom Luxury to HeartacheLP€ 15,50
Culture ClubThe War Song (Ultimate Dance Mix)/The War Song (Shriek Mix)/ La Cancion de Guerra 12'€ 15,50
CureFaith2 LP€ 38,00
CureThe Head On The DoorLP€ 26,00
CureConcert-The Cure LiveLP€ 26,00
CurePornographyLP€ 40,00
CureThe TopLP€ 30,00
CureWhy Can't I be You ?/A Japanese Dream7€ 18,00
Curiosity (Curiosity Killed The Cat)I Need Your Lovin'(Extended Club Mix)/On Fire/ I Need Your Lovin'(Driza Bone Extended Mix)/ I Need Your Lovin'(Driza Bone L-o-v-e Mix)12'€ 10,50
Curiosity (Curiosity Killed The Cat)Gimme The Sunshine(Original)/ Gimme The Sunshine(Ron's reprise)/Work it Out(Soul mix)12'€ 10,50
Curiosity Killed the CatBall and Chain/Name and Number7€ 10,50
Curiosity Killed the CatMisfit/Man7€ 10,50
CurlewCurlewLP€ 26,00
CurveHorror Head (remix)/Falling Free/ Mission from God/Today is not the day12'€ 15,50
Custom FloorHomeless /Ups Driver/In my House7€ 15,50
Cuts2 Over TenLP€ 22,00
Cybermen (Thee)Got a Groove Ep: Got a Groove/ Heal Myself/It's all gone/ I hate this world7 Ep€ 15,50
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