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OST ( Bogas,Ed, Ray Shanklin)Heavy Traffic original soundtrack from filmLP€ 28,00
OST ( Bongusto,Fred)Venga a Prendere un Caffè da Noi Tema principale e Preludio original soundtrack from film "Come Have a Coffee with Us"7€ 20,00
OST ( Boston,Eagles,Doobie Brothers)"FM" from original soundtrack from film2 Lp € 28,00
OST ( Brevis,Skip)Beehive Original Cast Album soundtrack from the musical2 Lp € 35,00
OST ( Brightman,Sarah,Paul Miles-Kingston)Pie Jesu/Recordare from Requiem7'€ 10,00
OST ( Brightman,Sarah,Steve Harley)The Phantom Of The Opera/ Ouverture from the musical "The Phantom of The Opera"7'€ 15,00
OST ( Brooks,Mel)It's Good To Be The King Rap part 1/2 from film "History of the World Part I"7'€ 10,00
OST ( Brooks,Mel)To Be Or Not To Be (The Hitler Rap)Pts. 1 & 2 from film "To Be or Not To Be"12€ 10,00
OST ( Brown,Bobby)On Your Own/On Your Own (rap) soundtrack from the film "Ghostbusters II"7'€ 10,00
OST ( Bulostin,Jacques Jean Manuel Scarano)Tema/Exode original soundtrack from film "Les Violons Du Bal"7'€ 20,00
OST ( Burch,Vernon)Changes (Messin'with My Mind) from film "Report to the Commissioner"7€ 15,00
OST ( Burns,Ralph)"Lenny" original soundtrack of filmLp€ 25,00
OST ( Burns,Ralph)Cabaret from original soundtrack of filmLP€ 25,00
OST ( Burns,Ralph)Annie from original soundtrackLp€ 25,00
OST ( Burns,Ralph)All That Jazz from original soundtrackLP€ 20,00
OST ( Burns,Ralph)New York,New York original soundtrack from film2 Lp € 35,00
OST ( Burns,Ralph)Perfect original soundtrack from filmLP€ 18,00
OST ( Butler,Artie)The Love Machine original soundtrack of filmLp€ 30,00
OST ( Byrd,Donald)Cornbread,Earl and Me soundtrack from filmLp€ 50,00
OST ( Calvi,Pino)Free as the Wind from Soundtrack "Papillon"/L'uomo di Pechino7€ 15,50
OST ( Calvi,Pino)Maria /Tonight from film "West Side Story"7€ 10,00
OST ( Calvi,Pino)Marina/Edith from Tv drama "Malombra"7€ 15,00
OST ( Calvi,Pino)Tema d'Amore da "Dimenticare Lisa"/Tema di "Diagnosi"Racconto" from Tv Drama"Dimenticare Lisa" 7€ 15,00
OST ( Calvi,Pino)Enigma/Claudia from Tv drama "L'Enigma Delle Due Sorelle" 7€ 15,00
OST ( Campbell,Glen,Crystal Gayle)Convoy soundtrack from filmLP€ 25,00
OST ( Capps,Al)Stroker Ace original soundtrack from filmMINILP€ 20,00
OST ( Capps,Al)Sharky's Machine original soundtrack from filmLP€ 25,00
OST ( Carpenter, John,Howarth, Alan)New-York 1997 Escape From New York original soundtrack from filmLp€ 25,00
OST ( Carrion,Gustavo Cesar)El Vampiro/El Ataùd del Vampiro soundtracksLp€ 25,00
OST ( Castle,Ryan)Music From And Inspired By Spiderman 3 original soundtrack from film2 Lp € 42,00
OST ( Castle,Ryan)Spider Man 3 original soundtrack from film 2 Lp€ 42,00
OST ( Cates,Phoebe)Theme from Paradise/Theme from Paradise (instrumental)original soundtrack from film7'€ 10,00
OST ( Cavallaro,Carmen)On The Sunny Side of The Street/ Brazil/La Vie en Rose/To Love Again original soundtrack from fim "The Eddy Duchin Story"7 Ep€ 20,00
OST ( Chacksfield,Frank)Ebb Tide/Angelique From movies "Sweet Bird of Youth"7€ 10,00
OST ( Charling Stones,Bix Beiderbecke)Ain't She Sweet/China Boy from Tv drama "Philo Vance"7€ 20,00
OST ( Chewingum Band)Shadow Dancing/Medley:Rock'n Control-Self Control7€ 15,00
OST ( Ciaramitaro,Lou,Augusto Martelli)Dallas Theme from Tv Drama7€ 15,00
OST ( Cicognini,Alessandro)Ulysses original soundtrack from filmLP€ 40,00
OST ( Cini,Ruggero)Martin Eden/Mexicana from Tv Drama "Martin Eden"7€ 15,00
OST ( Cipriani, Stelvio)Adagio dal Concerto per Oboe e Orchestra d'archi in Do Minore/Anonimo Veneziano from film "The Anonymous Venetian"7'€ 20,00
OST ( Cipriani,Stelvio)Alleluja/La marcia della resurrezione from original soundtrack "Heads I Kill You, Tails You're Dead! They Call Me Hallalujah"7€ 80,00
OST ( Cipriani,Stelvio)Anonimo Veneziano original soundtrack from film "The Anonymous Venetian"LP€ 20,00
OST ( Clark,Petula)This Is My Song/Cosa cerchi nel Mondo from the original soundtrack "A Countess of Hong Kong"7'€ 15,00
OST ( Cobert,Bob)Venti di Guerra from original soundtrack from Tv series "Winds of War"Lp€ 26,00
OST ( Cocker, Joe,S.Copeland, Devo, B.Ferry,..)9 1/2weeks soundtrack original from filmLP€ 20,00
OST ( Cocker,Joe)Up Where We Belong/Many Rivers to Cross original soundtrack from film "An Officer and a Gentleman"7'€ 10,00
OST ( Coleman,Cy)Never/Our Private World from musical comedy "The Body Shop"7'€ 10,00
OST ( Collins,Bill and his Orchestra)Love is Love/Remember that I Love you from soundtrack of the film "The Valachi Papers"7€ 15,00
OST ( Collins,Phil Marilyn Martin)Separate Lives (Love from White Nights)/I Don't Wanna Know from original soundtrack of film "White Nights"7'€ 10,00
OST ( Collins,Phil, Larry Carlton)Against All Odds (Vocal)/ The Search (instrumental)from film "Against All Odds"7'€ 10,00
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