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Abstract IllismLand Of Soul Jazz, vol. 3LP€ 12,91
Averne, Harvey Barrio BandThe Harvey Averne Barrio BandLP€ 12,91
Brand New HeaviesThe Brand New HeaviesLP€ 12,91
Brand New HeaviesYou are the Universe (4LP)BoxLP€ 46,50
Cecilia AnnSuenacuentoLP€ 13,00
Cosa NostraMind SongsLP€ 12,91
Deee-LiteGroove is in the Heart/What is Love12'€ 15,50
Deee-LiteInfinity Within2LP€ 18,08
Double VisionDouble VisionLP€ 12,91
DrizaboneBrightest Star12''€ 10,00
EsperantoEsperantoLP€ 12,91
Guidoboni, Guido QuintetFree FlyLP€ 10,33
Humble SoulsThoughts & Sound PaintingLP€ 12,91
IncognitoGood Love (promo for DJ copy)12"€ 7,75
IncognitoEveryday12'€ 7,75
IzitImaginary ManLP€ 12,91
IzitMother Of Mine (EP)12'€ 7,75
JestofunkI'm Gonna Love You12'€ 7,75
Man SuetoOtello Happiness2LP€ 18,08
Man SuetoMan SuetoLP€ 13,00
New Version Of SoulBirth Of The SouladelicLP€ 12,91
OmarYour Loss My Gain12'€ 7,75
RadVenus Drops / Come My Way12"€ 7,75
Sandberg, Ulf QuartetUlf Sandberg QuartetLP€ 12,91
Soul Family SensationNew WaveLP€ 12,91
Spiritual VibesAlternative TracksLP€ 12,91
Stereo Mc'sGround Level12'€ 7,75
Supreme Chords JestersHungry For The Word EPLP€ 12,91
Tempo 5The Way I Had12" EP€ 7,50
Urban SoulAlways12'€ 7,75
Vibrazioni ProductionsLife (Soulstance remix)12"€ 7,50
VV,AA (Brand New Heavies,Ed Jones Quartet,Beaujolais Band e ...)Acid Jazz:JazzLp€ 20,50
VV. AA. (Mayafra Combo, M. Rusca, Pillot Farmer QuTempo JazzLP€ 12,91
VV. AA. (Mother Earth,Quiet Boys,Vibraphonic,Subterraneans...)Totally Wired 7LP€ 26,00
VV. AA. (Omar, F.B.I., V. Haynes, V. Simon,...)Homegrown volume 1LP€ 18,00
VV. AA. (Pacific Gas & Electric, B. Rhodes, J. RabThe Chase Scene 3LP€ 12,91
VV. AA. (Skin 4, Gazzara, Tito Valdez, DJ RodrigueChill Out Café, vol. 22LP€ 15,49
VV. AA. (Square Circle,Straight Beat,Groove Instinct)Totally Wired Italia -Vibrazioni LP€ 26,00
VV. AA. (Xangbetos, Fumi, Afroblok, Shanakies,...)Planet LondonLP€ 15,00
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