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Andrews,JulieThe Lass with the Delicate AirLp€ 25,00
Anka, PaulOgni Giorno / Voglio Sapere7€ 15,50
Anka, PaulDeve Essere La Nostra Estate / Il Piacere Di Vederti 7€ 10,50
Anka, PaulI Don't Like To Sleep Alone / How Can Anything Be Beautiful After You7€ 10,50
Anka, PaulLa Verità / Senza Te Io Me Moro7€ 15,00
Anka, PaulYour Love / Lonely Boy7€ 10,50
Anka, PaulYoung,Alive and in Love!Lp€ 40,00
Anka, PaulPiangero' Per Te / Chitarra, Vino E Amore7€ 15,50
Anka, PaulSo I's Goodbye / Just Young 7€ 10,50
Anka, PaulOgni Volta/Stasera Resta Con Me7€ 15,50
Anka, PaulI Love, You Baby / Tell Me That You Love Me7€ 10,50
Anka, PaulSings His Big Big Big 15 Vol.3LP€ 35,00
Anka, PaulMy home Town/Melodie d'Amour7€ 10,50
Anka, PaulPer Carità / La Pineta7€ 10,50
Anka, PaulPaul Anka in ItaliaLP€ 100,00
Anka, PaulIt's Time To Cry / Something Has Changed Me7€ 10,50
Anka, PaulGli amici e Tu/Il tuo compleanno7€ 15,50
Anka, PaulDimmi Subito Di Si / Un Ricordo Per Te7€ 10,50
Anka, PaulPity Pity / Waiting For You7€ 10,50
Anka, PaulYou're) Having My Baby / Papa7€ 15,50
Anka, PaulThe bells at my Wedding/Loveland7€ 15,50
Anka, PaulPaul Anka in ItalianoLp€ 80,00
Anka, PaulEvery Night(Ogni Notte)/ There You Go7€ 15,50
Anka, PaulCrazy Love / Let The Bells Keep Ringing 7€ 10,50
Anka,PaulIo ho in mente Te/Sei più forte di me7€ 15,50
Anka,PaulHu,hu/Parliamo ancora7€ 15,50
Anka,PaulEstate senza te/Domani prendo il primo treno7€ 10,50
Anka,PaulAnka Again Ep Crazy Love/Let The Bells Keep Ringing/You Are My Destiny/ When I Stop Loving You (That'll be the day)7 Ep€ 35,00
Anka,PaulYou Are My Destiny/When I Stop Loving You(That'll be the day)7€ 10,00
Anka,PaulPuppy Love/Adam and Eve7€ 15,50
Bailey, JimJim BaileyLP€ 18,08
Bassey,ShirleyLa Vita (this is my Life) / Without A Word "XVIII Festival di Sanremo"7€ 26,00
Bassey,ShirleyChi Si Vuol Bene Come Noi.../ Epirops7€ 20,50
Bassey,ShirleyDomani, Domani/Pronto...Sono Io7€ 20,50
Bassey,ShirleyNever, Never, Never(Grande,grande,grande)/Day By Day7'€ 15,00
Bassey,ShirleyIf You Go Away(Ne Me Quitte Pas)/E'Giorno7€ 26,00
Bassey,ShirleyTo Give/Yes7€ 20,50
Belafonte, HarryBy RequestLP€ 20,66
Belafonte, HarryCoconanut Woman / Island In The Sun 7"€ 10,33
Belafonte, HarryCu cu ru cu cu Paloma/ Merci bon Dieu7€ 20,50
Belafonte, HarryThe Warm TouchLP€ 20,50
Belafonte, HarrySpirituals Ep Sylvie/In That Great Gettin' Up Morning/ Jump Down,Spin Around7 Ep€ 18,00
Belafonte, HarryBanana Boat/ Star-O7€ 15,50
Belafonte, HarryMarching To The Fair / Sunbird7"€ 7,75
Belafonte, HarryIn ConcertLP€ 15,49
Belafonte, HarryThe Midnight SpecialLP€ 20,66
Belafonte,HarryThe many moods of BelafonteLp € 26,00
Belafonte,HarryMy lord what a Mornin'Lp € 26,00
Boone, PatLove Letters In The Sand / April Love7"€ 15,49
Boone, PatChains Of Love / Friendly Persuasion 7"€ 10,33
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