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A Caus' Des GarconsFaire Les Voyous / Fares Les Voyous (instrumental)7€ 10,50
A-HaCry Wolf / Maybe Maybe7€ 15,50
A-HaCrying In The Rain / (Seemingly) nonstop July7€ 15,50
A-HaStay On These Roads / Soft Rain Of April7€ 15,50
A-HaI've Been Losing You/ This Alone is Love7€ 15,00
A-HaTake On Me / Love Is Reason7€ 15,00
AbbaVoulez-VousLP€ 25,00
AbbaOne Of Us /Should I Laugh or Cry7'€ 15,50
AbbaS.O.S. / Mamma Mia7'€ 15,50
AbbaTake a Chance on Me/I'm a Marionette7€ 15,00
AbbaChiquitita/Lovelight7€ 15,00
AbbaThe Winner Takes It All / Elanie7€ 15,50
AbbaWaterloo / Honey Honey7€ 15,50
AccademiaAccademia StyleLp€ 20,00
AccademiaAccademia 4 In ClassicsLp€ 20,00
Afric SimoneRamaya/Piranha7€ 10,50
Akens,JewelThe Birds And The Bees/Tic Tac Toe7€ 20,00
AlphavilleJet Set/Golden Feeling7€ 10,00
AlphavilleForever Young / Welcome To The Sun7€ 7,50
AlphavilleSounds Like A Melody / The Nelson Highrise7€ 7,50
Andersen,LaleLilì Marleen/Drei Rote Rosen7€ 15,00
Andrea True ConnectionMore,more,moreLp € 20,50
Andrea True ConnectionWhat's your Name,What's you Number/Heart to Heart(Fill me Up)7€ 10,00
Andrea True ConnectionN.Y.,You Got Me Dancing/ Keep it up Longer7€ 10,00
Archibald And TimArchibald And TimLP€ 15,49
Astley, RickNever Gonna Give You Up7€ 5,00
Astley, RickHold Me In Your ArmsLP€ 12,91
Astley, RickHold Me In Your Arms / I Don't Want To Be Your Lover7€ 7,75
Astley, RickShe Wants To Dance With Me12€ 7,75
BaccaraYes Sir,I Can Boogie/Cara Mia7€ 10,00
Bacharach, BurtThis Guy's In Love With You / A House Is Not A Hom7'€ 15,50
BaltimoraJuke Box Boy/Pull The Wires7€ 15,00
BananaramaI Heard A Rumour /Clean cut Boy(Party Size)7€ 10,00
BananaramaVenus (Extended version)/Venus (Dub)/White Train12€ 15,50
BananaramaVenus/White Train7€ 15,50
Barreto Jr.,Don MarinoDon Marino Barreto Jr.10€ 26,00
Bay,Francis Big BandMusic For PlayboysLp€ 25,00
BeanoCandy Baby / Rock And Roll7€ 10,50
Belle EpoqueBlack is Black/Hey Miss Broadway7€ 10,50
Belouis SomeImagination (Dance Mix)/ Have You ever been in Love? / Stand Down (Live Version)12''€ 15,50
Bennet, BennyEt Son Orchestre De Musique Latine-Americaine Ep Mambo n°7/Sensual/La Nina Popoff/ Mambo Boogie7€ 15,00
Biddu & OrchestraEastern ManLp€ 20,50
Biddu OrchestraRain Forest/Hot Ice7€ 5,00
Blackinsell, John OrchestraThe Best of Irving BerlinLP€ 10,33
Blok Quartet, SamSuani/I'm In The Mood For Love7€ 10,00
Blue, BarryDancin' (On A Saturday Night) / New Day7'€ 10,33
BollandImages / The Boat7€ 5,16
BollandTen American Girls / Night Of The Shooting Stars7€ 5,16
BollandYou're In The Army Now / The Domino Theory Theme7€ 5,16
Bolling,Claude big PianoMadison Ep:The Madison Time part.1/The Madison Time part.2/ Hey!Baby!/Mad Madison7€ 15,00
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