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! HadremAmbrogio's Revenge/3 Kinds of Green/I Can't Believe/Susy7" Ep€ 10,50
(Thee )S.t.p./ BingoSpit Ep:(Thee)S.t.p.Emergency Action !/She Don't Want my Love/ Bingo:We don't care/Exorcise my Cock/I Don't wanna go out2 X7'€ 26,00
(Thee) S.t.p.Sin Temptation of PainLp € 22,00
100.000 BodybagsProblem /It' No Better7€ 15,50
10:07Happiness Breakdown/ With or without You7€ 15,50
10:07Spackle And Grout ep7€ 15,50
10:07Chainsaw OrchestraLP€ 15,50
12 Pack PrettyFullmouth EP Time to Cry /Dead Head Get Away/ R.e.m. sucks7'€ 15,50
16 Blasare Utan Hjarna,Paddington,Turkish Revenge,Still The Same)Tranås Är Inte Bara Hyland Ep 16 Blåsare Utan Hjärna:Evig Ungdom/Paddington:Dressed In White/ Turkish Revenge: Complications/ Still The Same:My Own Imagination 7 Ep€ 12,00
180° In OpposityI'm A Fucker ep Everything Undertaker/I'm a fucker/Opposity7€ 15,50
2 Bad / Happy Ever After2 Bad / Happy Ever After7'€ 15,50
2000 DsCrowborough EP7'€ 15,50
2000 DsK-137 Live Musik Ep Reality/Vomit/Stay Awake/ Schleppscheisse/Roundabout7 Ep€ 10,00
4 PromilleDie Jungs Von Nebenan/Lokalverbot Harald/Teenage Kicks7" Ep€ 15,50
8 BarkThe Big Wheel Ep Trouble is.../Dept of redundancy dept/Sit & Spin/Lost-Found7€ 15,50
8 BarkScamLP€ 15,50
999Live at the Nashville 1979Lp € 18,00
999Indian Reservation / So Greedy (remixed) & Taboo7€ 36,00
A.P.P.L.E.Disintegrate The Church And StateEp:Peace is Possible/ Disintegrate the Church and State/Why Work?/Rape our Mother7'€ 15,50
A.P.P.L.E.Neither Victims Nor Executioners Ep: Our Founding Fathers/Time Blowing in the Wind/Fuck R.C.A.7'€ 15,50
Abrasive WheelsWhen The Punks Go Marching In Lp€ 18,00
Acid Rotten But OkQuiz /Acid Rotten But Ok/ Suffered from Aids/Kaziu/Outro7€ 20,50
AcredineEP: Indifferente nome/ Acredine /Arido e debole/ Qualcosa X/Periferia10€ 15,50
Active MindsThe Lunatics Have Taken Over Asylum Ep7€ 10,50
Adversives / CauseAdversives:Co-Worker Conspiracies Advancements in Color Cause:We're all Family/ Long range Goal7€ 15,50
AdvertsCrossing The Red Sea with the Adverts2 LP€ 32,00
ADZTetsuo / Stowaway / Haven't Got The Time7€ 7,50
Aerobitch/Fast FoodNo Beer Left !! split Ep: Aerobitch :Leave Me Alone/ Liar/Asshole Fast Food :Embrujada/Nada Ha Cambiado /I Don't Give A Fuck 7 Ep€ 15,50
Affirmative ActionThought RationLP€ 20,50
After School SpecialWrong /Starbucks in my Town/ Sarah,plain and Tall7€ 15,50
Ag'sCirkus BerzerkusLP€ 20,50
Again/TrainwreckAgain/Trainwreck split7€ 20,50
Against All HopeBreaking Through Ep The Shaft/Against all Hope/ Time to Time/Letter from John Tragedy7'€ 15,50
Agnew, Rikk Yard SaleHorse Bites,Dog cries/ Read Between the Lines7'€ 10,50
AinaUptight/From Head to Toe/227€ 10,50
AlderknotBarn OverloadLP€ 15,50
All DayAin't She Sweet / Hell No / Daddy / War On The Boulevard /Friends Are Forever (EP)7€ 15,50
Almighty Lumberjacks Of DeathAlways Out Of Control But Never Out Of Beer (EP)7'€ 15,50
Alternative TVThe Image Has CrackedLP€ 18,00
Alternative TVVibing Up The Senile Man, part 1 LP€ 25,00
Amazing Screaming WilliesSpecky Four Eyes / Plastic Pig / Quasi Was My Dad7€ 15,50
American RuseHard Junk MeatLP€ 20,50
American RuseBreak It DownLP€ 15,50
American StandardSalvation /Blood & Miles7€ 15,50
American StandardWonderlandLP€ 35,00
AmokWillkommen Im Wohlstandsghetto Ep7€ 15,50
AndonAndon Ep: Vate faire encouler/Misled/Kill for Taste/Bound & Gagged7'€ 15,50
Anger MeansNot Human Anymore Ep7'€ 15,50
AngstCry For HappyLP€ 26,00
Animal CrackersSo Paint A Map On My FaceLP€ 15,50
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